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Welcome to my page about the Synology® Diskstation packages (.spk files) I have made for the Synology Disk Station range. All packages are made by me and are free to download, to use or even to alter them or better yet, use them as a 'template' to create your own ! All packages do fall under the BSD Licence.

Do you want to develop packages on your own or just curious about the packages ? Read the wiki page about the package structure, take a look at the 3rd-Party Application Integration Guide and read my FAQ about those packages.

If you are curious what I'm working at or have any questions, remarks or just want to say thanks, drop by at my blog or mail me at Can't promise I will answer all my email (I do get a lot, nowadays), but at least I will read it. English is ok, but Dutch is my own language..

Remco Schellekens, AKA Merty


DISCLAIMER: This page is a personal page and is about packages I created in my own free time. In no way I'm affiliated with- or working for Synology. Nor can they be held responsible for anything that is mentioned on these pages. Use of packages is for your own risk.

current connection screenshot
Current Connection

This simple program shows the established network connections of the disk station. It will display a table with TCP/UDP connections and a table with connections to the Samba (Windows) shares.

This package will install as a Third Party Software package. It will not modify any existing installations, files or programs on your filestation, and all installed files will be removed if you use the "uninstall" option of the package manager.

Appearance changed. This version will use the same AJAX gui module as diskstation software. Columns can be altered, scrolled, sorted and switched.

Architecture: All
service switch screenshot
Service Switch

This programs gives you the ability to see the status of all services. By double-clicking on the service, you can change the start or stop the selected service. This program can be handy to check if the software is still running and to manually restart services, instead of rebooting the complete diskstation.

If the startscript of a service returns any errors or information, the program will show that information after starting, making it easier to find out why certain services refuses to start.

The program makes use of the existing start/stop scripts already installed. However, this will also mean that if a service is not configured to be running, the startscripts will deny the request.

Some services takes time to start. If a started service don't give an error but still displayes "stop", hit refresh button after a decent amount of time to get the latest status.

It will not modify any existing installations, files or programs on your filestation, and all installed files will be removed if you use the "uninstall" option of the package manager.

Displays only services that are enabled in the configuration. Removed rsyncd - to dangerous to stop during backup - and audiocenter - script isn't working properly -.
Older versions:
0.2 Fixed javascript bug causing some IE browsers not showing table.

Architecture: All

current connection screenshot
SABnzbd+ 0.5.4

This program will install and run the latest version of SABnzbd on the synology diskstations as a service. SABnzbd is a fully automatic newsposting downloader, including packing out rars or zips and checking them against par files.

FIRMWARE 3.1 and higher fix
Because Ext-js 2 library isn't included properly in DSM 3.1 and higher. You have to install Extjs package after installing SABnzbd if you want to use the SABHelper program !

To run this package, install it and press 'run'. Now you have two options:
  • Click on the admin page link in the packagemanager
  • Point your browser to http://ip-adres-of-your-diskstation:9200/
Fix for beta software DSM3.0, upgraded build-in package to 0.5.4.

Important: configuration of directories
Beware that default configuration points to an unaccessible directory from the outside. If you are uncertain how to configure SABnzbd+ directory names needed in SABnzbd+, please read my explanation at explanation on my blog or postings/thread on the English or Dutch Synology forum. If you still don't know how to configure directories, just choose the share you want to use in the Sabhelper.

File Permissions
You might want to configure file permissions to 777, this way, every directory and file that will be created by SABnzbd will be readable & writable for everyone. In old versions, this value was automaticly given when started, however, since 0.5.4 this has to be manually entered.

New: Saphelper
Included in the package is a 3rd party tool "sabhelper". With this program, you will be able to up- or downgrade the SABnzbd+ version on your own by uploading the sources file of SABnzbd+. Also, the program will "fix" problems with downloads in wrong directory, filenames or filerights, for all users who don't know how to do this via the commandline and made a mistake configuring SABnzbd+.

Note: SABhelper+ uses Ext-js version 2 libraries. In some cases, this library isn't present (firmware 3.1 or higher) or not installed (firmware < 2.2). In that case install the Extjs package after you have installed SABnzbd.

Release Notes: See blog posting about it

This package includes python and all modules and programs to run sabnzbd. It will not interfere with any other SABnzbd installation (including the 0.4.12 version) or any other packages, either 3rd party or ipkg 'optware'. All programs are installed under one unique separate directory and can be removed by pressing 'uninstall' from the packagemanager.


Pick the right package for your model and unzip the file after download. Apply the ".spk" file into packagemanager of your diskstation. If your model isn't listed, and still a recent one (x07..x10), please email me.

current connection screenshot
WebShare Enabler

This program makes it possible for php scripts running on the webserver to have access to the shared directories. Normally, most shares cannot be reached out of security, however, in some cases, like search engines or file explorers, you will have to override the PHP settings to allow actions on those directories.

It will accomplish this by adding to or removing sharedirecties from the 'open_basedir' directive in PHP.ini of the (user-) webserver. It will restart the webserver to make the new PHP.ini settings effective.

Fix for new firmware 2.3, prevents overwriting php.ini with default values.

Use the package installer to install the program. It is not a service, but a 3rdparty package containing only scripts to install an cgi-script. Therefore, any start or stop command or status will not make a lot of sense.

It will modify /usr/syno/etc/php.ini and will restart the 'user' http server if a change is requested.

In case of corrupted PHP.ini files, two 'hidden' options via url are available:
  1. /webman/3rdparty/webshareenable/index.cgi?name=rescue will place the first php.ini file back before program was used.
  2. /webman/3rdparty/webshareenable/index.cgi?name=default will place the default Synology php.ini file back.

Architecture: All
Config File Editor screenshot
Config File Editor

This package will add the 3party program 'Config File Editor' to your admin page. Using this utility, you will be able to edit configuration files on your DiskSation without the need for learning VI or moving files from and towards your DiskStation. When first started, it will copy existing configuration files als a backup. Therefore, if you messed up a configuration file, you can always hit the 'orignal' button to get the first backup back.

It is also possible to edit the configfile of this program itselves. By doing this, you are able to add your own text/configfiles to this program.
Keep in mind that altering configfiles can be a risky business. In worst case, you could make your DiskStation unaccessible, which forces you to reload the firmware again.

Keep in mind that in order to work with the new configfiles, most of the times, the service or even the whole DiskStation has to restarted. If you change the configfile of this program, you have to reload the page to see the effect.

Architecture: All
Download: (1MB)

Ext JS 2.2

The latest versions of Synology firmware -version 2.1 and higher- will have Ext js 2 already installed, however, those who can't get a recent update for there firmware, like the DSx06 models, might need this library for 3th party software who rely on this.

This package will install the Ext JS 2.2 javascript libraries. There is no need to "run" it from the packagemanager, installing the package is all that is needed. If sabhelper is on the system, it will alter the library path to this ext2 library, to "fix" broken ext-2 install in firmware 3.1.

Architecture: All
Download: extjs2-0.2-spk-zip (0.5MB)